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Your home is just not a place to be lived in, it ought to be explored, experienced, and redefined from time to time. As Leonardo Da Vinci said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, in a similar manner a perfect blend of simplicity and authenticity gives your home decor the ultimate look that you havent even thought of.

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 A candle holder may not be the life of your home decor, but it certainly is a lifesaver. It adds to your story and the story of your homes. A candle holder is a smart device with a multipurpose utility. It gives your home a character that matches your energy. Not many can do that!

Factors to Consider Before Buying Candle Holders


Make sure the size of the candle holder is equivalent to the size of the room. It will blow out the decor disproportionately if it is too big or too small compared to the room space.

Material and Home Decor

If you are going for a rustic, ancient Magnifico, then candelabras or a lantern candle stand would fit the purpose.For a modern touch home, having a taper candle holder with a sleek design is extremely befitting.

Glass Candle

A glass candle or a tea light candle holder along with home fragrances would suffice if you were looking to make your anniversary special or thinking of having a romantic night with your better half.

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